Article: The Graphic “I” in Research Comics


I am incredibly excited to be included in this issue of Inks, the journal of the Comics Studies Society, alongside great studies by Manuela Di Franco (From Funnies to Adventures: Translation, Censorship, and Adaptation of American Comics in Fascist Italy),  Michael Kobre (Disallowed Truths: Race, Shadow Books, and Captain America) and Natsume Fusanosuke (A Wide Range of Possible Expression from Tezuka’s Manga to Gekiga, from Azuma Hideo to Doraemon, translated by Jon Holt and Teppei Fukuda).

Please check out the whole issue here: Inks, Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer 2023

Additionally, I was so honored and absolutely chuffed that the editors invited me to clean up one of my illustrations for the cover art. A polished version of the original (Th)inking comic was also included in this issue of Inks (pp. 168-173) thanks to the openness and generosity of the editors.

Here’s a excerpt from my contribution:

This study surveyed how methodological guides address the issue of embodying the researcher in a research comic, and also compared how research comics themselves use the embodied researcher in practice. The comparison revealed a gap between the ranges of choice exercised by researchers and the gap in the attention given to this topic in guides. Far from being an arbitrary function of style, the embodied researcher can be a tool for best practices within comics-based research and qualitative research methodology.

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