Olomouc Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop at Palacky University 

A continuation of the History in Comics project brought 21 participants for an intensive week in Olomouc to work on their academic writing, creative writing and comics composition. 

This was the pitch:

Come start or polish up your writing skills with comics, creative writing (poetry or prose) and academic writing! You’ll meet fellow writers from our three universities, make connections  face to face, get immediate feedback on your writing, and level up your skills.  You’ll spend 5 days in the historic city of Olomouc (just a short train ride away!), work with several different experts, and have time to fully focus on your writing projects, away from the distractions of your every-day life. It is possible to visit workshop sessions in different categories, or stay within one track. Did we mention that your participation is funded by Erasmus +? There are only spots for 20 lucky students (only 10 at Graz and 10 at Bratislava), so sign up while there is still space! This workshop is aimed at Masters and PhD level students, but very eager Bachelors students could also be considered. 

Comics: Intro to making comics, non-fiction and essayistic comics, fictional composition in comics, comics as memoir.

Creative writing: Poetry, slam poetry, fiction writing (sci fi and fantasy), short stories

Academic writing: Tips for the thesis or dissertation, different types of science communication, article writing

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