(Th)inking – Referencing

Page 4 includes: a general layout and stylistic reference to Chris Ware’s illustrations, the dragon form of Nimona from the eponymous graphic novel (Noelle Stevenson, 2015), T.S. Elliot’s opening from The Wasteland (1922), the “Put a Bird on It” schtick from the tv show Portlandia with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (S1 E2, 2011), Alan Moore’s character Promethea posed in the style of Milo Manara’s variant cover of Spider-Woman #1 (2014), film Being John Malkovich (1999), John Higgins’s palette for Watchmen pictured in Dave Gibbons’ book, Watching The Watchmen (2008) and Higgins’s book, Beyond Watchmen & Judge Dredd (2017), though the colors have been simplified.


Full pdf of the comic available to download here: (th)inking 3 referencing

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